Voiceover Marketing Tips for Uncertain Times

by Tom Jordan

Voiceover Marketing Tips for Uncertain Times

There’s no doubt that we are experiencing a pendulum shift toward uncertainty with the commoditization of our industry from the pay-to-plays and, most recently, from the potential impacts of Voices.com buying VoiceBank.

What can we do to strive ahead in uncertain times?

Here’s my tips, please comment below with your suggestions.

  • Technology has shifted so that anyone with a microphone can go on Fivr and call themselves a VO artist and start making money. This situation has been around for several years now, but it’s becoming more of an issue.

What can YOU do?

  • Do everything you can to help ensure your name, your brand becomes the thing customers think of when they need VO. Be the first person who pops into their mind. – saturate the market, but have a strategy.

How do you do this?

Remember that you’re a salesperson.

You may have a talent for VO, but you are also the VP of sales for your company. Think like a salesperson. What do they do?

Build relationships

And, while building them, don’t cheapen your product (VO work) by being humble about your abilities. ○ You are a Professional Voice Talent. Market yourself as such.

  • Work toward closing your next deal by having conversations that reinforce your value to the client.
  • Provide the types of examples that keep their interest, persuade them to ask questions – build your clients into fans.
  • And, on top of all of this – be genuine. Have fun, but remember this is a business relationship you’re building.


Both in the “drive your agenda diligently” type of way and by using “subtle persuasion” to guide people toward your brand. Again, the sales adage, “ABC – Always Be Closing” is a good thing to keep in mind.

Be innovative

Do what other successful VO people are doing BUT – tweak the formulas and track the results

  • If you hear that a particular cold calling technique is working for someone, borrow the technique, but make it your own. Over time, change it enough so that your results are even better than theirs. Then track the results to be certain. Tweak, adjust over time and business climates, don’t get stuck in a rut. Innovation is key.

Build your brand:

  • Update your website and make sure you continually update it. ○ And get your demos above the fold, please! No one should have to click on anything to hear your voice.
  • Update your demo – even if it doesn’t need a total re-do, check around to see what your original demo producer would charge to add new spots in it and freshen it up
  • Update your headshot
  • Create a logo for your business – make sure it’s something you can live with for a long time

Make sure your name is getting out there everyday in as many ways as you can

● Keep updating Twitter, but try to use the 4-1-1 rule

  • 4 tweets that are new content (not self-advertising, but relevant to the industry and something that might attract the interest of those to whom you wish to market)
  • 1 – Retweet – relevant or not – have fun, but be professional – this IS a business
  • 1 Self-serving tweet

● Create and/or update your Facebook VO page

  • Don’t have one? GET ONE! If you’re not on FB, you need to be. FB is becoming an essential communications thoroughfare for VO and the clients who will hire you.
  • Learn how to market your talents from Facebook by reading a “Facebook marketing for Dummies” book or the like.
  • Join Voiceover Groups on Facebook and use them for what their intended purposes are. Don’t advertise your business solutions to other VO people; learn from their experience, share stories of success and failures, find resources you can use in your VO toolkit.

Continue to have fun!

Just because there’s a shift happening, don’t let go of the main thing that keeps you in this business – your love for what you do.

Have fun, as you’ve always done by continuing to make friends in this business, foster relationships with clients, attend conferences – both in-person and online, enjoy your craft, and, above all – relish in the fact that you are a talented person with the best damn job in the world.

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