VO Demos & Marketing Done Smarter:

VO Demos & Marketing Done Smarter:

The Two Biggest Expenses a Voice Actor Incurs

As a professional voice-over artist for over 20 years I’m thrilled that I no longer feel like I’m “spitting in the wind” when I send out demos to prospective buyers, nor spending endless time creating them. It has become harder than ever to get someone’s eyes or ears for more than two seconds; enter VoiceZam, a VO artist’s—and buyer’s—biggest ally. VoiceZam embeds unique SEO marketing metrics that VoiceZam creator Bob Merkel calls “SZO”. VoiceZam makes it possible for anyone in the world to find your voice through the demos on your site; no third party needed.

Here’s an example of how demos are listed in my personal VoiceZam player:

  • Live Announce
  • Network Promos and TV Affiliates
  • Narration
  • Commercials
  • Radio Imaging
  • Industrial Narration

The Demo Producer sets the order based on your input. VoiceZam then breaks down each demo and allows you to organize, switch and reorganize the demos at your convenience; I LOVE IT! With the VoiceZam player I can also reorganize the order of the elements within each demo as well as drop older material.

In setting up my personal VoiceZam player Bob and I collected audio snippets from various live shows in all formats; .WAV files, video files, YouTube clips and so on; but I wasn’t sure how to download everything and get it on the player. We then turned all of my media into MP3s and uploaded everything into various folders. I named my categories and spots, and even added in “keywords” and “tags” — essential in SEO searches.

(For example: “female voice”, “dramatic”, “suspense”, “American”, etc)

What do I love the most about VoiceZam? Once I’ve sent a demo to a buyer I know if they’ve listened to it, when they listened, what part of the demo they listened to and if they listened to the other demos in the VoiceZam player. It’s not only great information but helps to avoid the awkwardness of following-up if they haven’t listened and makes it more efficient and easier to seal the deal if they have.

Bob Merkel has simply built a better mouse-trap and he’s offering a super deal to try the player for 15 Days. I’m excited to share this new tool with you. It’s one of the best you can have in your VO Marketing bag.

Send an e-mail to info@randythomaspresents.com for more info on an exclusive offer to sign-up before December 18th, 2016!

-Randy Thomas