Chovitta Ariza

Marketing Consultant, #VOMastery Event Director

Chovitta Ariza, self proclaimed “Life Enthusiast and Modern Working Woman,” is a savvy, innovative Business Consultant who specializes in Creative Branding; Communications and Marketing (Digital and Direct) solutions. With a devout love for language, she speaks French fluently and works diligently to hone her Spanish and Italian speaking skills.

Looking on the bright side is Chovitta’s forte as a people and business builder committed to excellence. Within the last decade her successful work experience has been diversified in, but not limited to, the automotive; hospitality; beauty; fashion; beverage, media/entertainment and non-profit industries post earning a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

Her voice over career began in 2014 when asked to be the voice of several promo and commercial ads for a NY Times Best Selling Author and Speaker, Grant Cardone. Chovitta has had the pleasure to voice work for Rick Case Automotive, FIAT, Steven G Interiors, Hard Rock Hotel brands and more.

Chovitta returns to #VOMastery for the fourth year and is proud to deliver yet another first-class experience!